Today was one of those days when everything seems fine until you say something that triggers an anger’s person stupid thinking. And then the hell broke lose and you think What the Hell Just Happened?
Well I am not good at described how to deal with those individuals but you might have more luck understanding if you read the article published by a real person that doesn’t do writing for profit (or may be he does who knows). I found his articles very insightful and since I had a bad day myself I thought I should share with the entire world.
Read their article and see what you think:

How to Stop Being an A****** for Everyone’s Benefit

If you ran into an a*****e in the morning, you ran into an a*****e – you run into assholes all day, you are the asshole.” (source)
I’m saying this from my personal experience: when the whole world looks like a shitty place, it’s because of one or both of these things:
• Your own view of the world is screwed up (perhaps you are feeling like shit)
• You are looking at the wrong things
We are constantly looking at the world through how we feel: when we feel good, the whole world and anyone participating seems good.
It works in the opposite way too: depressed person doesn’t consider the world as a shitty place because it actually is so, but because he feels so.
The fact is that this world has so much good and so much bad – there’s no use in weighing which one is dominant. The more you focus on the bad side of the world the more screwed up it seems.
I’ve been preaching about the importance of having good influence in your life and this is one part of that philosophy. Seriously, get rid of people and other influences that are bringing you down.
It may feel hard if they are the only people you are hanging around with, but there’s a good chance that you may find something better. In my case, it was the best thing that I did. YMMV.


9 additional tips on how not be an a******e: