Rina diet Updated 10 Month Later:

Rina Diet

Rina diet did not work for me. After two months I lost 10 lbs but I find it very frustrating to keep this diet. After I stop in first month I gained 4 lbs, second month I gained the reminder and third and forth I gained 4 more lbs over.

Conclusion Rina Diet might work for someone but is not for everyone.

The cravings were unbearable, I was bored with the diet, I was hungry in days of vegetable etc.

So if you want to start Rina diet you have been warned, it doesn’t work, and comes back with vengeance. Now I am in a low carb no sugar diet for three months, and still going strong. I will make a post about this diet, I lost everything I gained after quitting Rina (dissociated diet) and much more.

My hunger is zero , my cravings are zero- I am really happy with this new lifestyle.

A new article will emerge with pictures that prove that this diet which is almost Keto diet work.

If you search the internet for Rina diet are very few people that post about it and all gave up on it, if you search about low sugar , no carbs and keto you will find countless success stories. In my new article I will give few pointers and what worked for a woman over 50 in menopause, works also for sportivs, young and old alike.

Still on my diet. Every day my weight goes down. I am really happy with this diet. Today was protein day.

I am now at 161 lbs after 26 days on Rina diet,Today is my starch day. I don’t like vitamin day, other days are ok. The most delicious is carbs day.’t re

If you didn’t read my first post  I started this journey at 168-169 lbs. It is not magic and is not hard to follow. I do miss my sugar, my ice creams,my milk or cheeses.

However the results are very encouraging.

Today for starch day I had a quinoa blend with rice and kale prepacked from wall mart. Was really delicious.