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On this page we have featured top subliminal content-related websites. Just click on any image and/or link to read about the best websites that we have discovered. It can be difficult to find a trusted source for subliminal audio due to the very nature of it! There are inferior and/or placebo products out there, as there are unrealistic claims and promises.

We have the ability to test sample audio using our precision digital oscilloscope and determine if there is something recorded beneath.
And this is not all.
We wanted to make sure that the subliminal products have not had any subliminal advertising inserted.
So, everything listed here has our blessing as a genuine, quality product.
We tried to find all the websites we could in self help subliminal but it is getting difficult to find all of them. Google search engine is giving very bad results, mainly promoting their youtube and of course advertising.
We hope that our selection of subliminal websites will help you navigate easily.
If you visit our list of subliminal websites and their creation date, you will see that are not so many subliminal producers, but some of them have multiple websites and have cornered the market.
Other are honest but not with enough money power to buy advertising so might get buried in search engine.
Three names I see in almost any website that reviews websites,, and,  so I guess those are the best websites to start with. But in fairness, we posted few more so anyone can select the one they like.

( Best & Real)


Sprudio Subliminal mp3s, Subliminal Cds

Sprudio Subliminal mp3s, Subliminal Cds


One of the best sites on the web is Sprudio– they sell subliminal messages instant downloads and CD’s.

The selection is huge, quality amazing. Their products are highly effective. You can choose among three types of background and even a combination of two CD’s at a very low price. Don’t let the low prices fool you, this is the real deal- and Sprudio goes the extra mile to please.

For quality, value and price, this company should be your first choice. I have used Sprudio subliminal for 4 years now, and because of this my life has changed.

I never buy from anyone else any more. They are friendly, helpful and honest. Besides the great prices and quality, they offer free subliminal samples to try out- no other company offers so many subliminal tracks for free. Grab your subliminal NOW!

Sprudio subliminal have been in business since 2005. They had revolutionized the subliminal industry.

While pioneers in subliminal industry were still using lower volume affirmations over music, Sprudio introduced the first subliminal recordings by changing the frequency of audio affirmations.

This technique later becomes widely used and all subliminal companies eventually had to adopt this technology.

They are also first to sell silent subliminal, since was not using low volume but frequency changes from audio level to inaudible level,  their silent subliminal become successful.

Audio professionals and skeptics, started testing their silent subliminal and were amazed that they could find instead of a flat line, affirmations recorded at sub-audio level.

In 2006 they introduced the first custom subliminal products, which let customer record their own affirmations and make subliminal that was tailored just for them.

Right away lots of other companies started copying the model.

You can find that now everyone offers custom subliminal but at a higher price and late turn around.

Make your own subliminal

Only $29.99 a customized mp3 that will be delivered in the same day. They also ship to you a CD for only $10 more.

If you want to go with a pro-seller in subliminal industry then choose this company. We do endorse them because in our tests they are the best subliminal producer.

Subliminal Audio Sprudio Best Subliminal Producer

Click here to visit Sprudio.

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All your fantasies come true with custom subliminal or already made subliminal adult theme. Visit today and unleash your inner dreams. This website is more for an audience that is interested in improving their family life, personal and intimate relationships. You can create your custom subliminal mp3 or Cd no questions asked.


Mind Master

Mind master is an innovative software program for flashing subliminal on your desktop.
Their program has helped many individuals from all walks of life.
The software will improve your life, help you quit smoking or drinking, make you a better person while surfing the web, paying your bills, writing a letter or playing a game on computer.
While you are doing all of these things the program will flash subliminal words. These words are selected by you- you know what is telling you and there is no trick. Easier then hypnosis, better than affirmations. It is you that will ultimately decide, what skills to improve, what baggage to release, what habits to change. The program offers a free demo and a 15 days free trial. What you get to lose. The price you pay is so small that you will not even remember paying it- while the benefits are great.


Change Your Life With MindMaster! Click for a FREE TRIAL
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Alphasonics International

Alphasonics International

Alphasonics International

    • Creation Date: 1994-06-23 however they went online in 1996 author Susannah Lippman. Since she is a pioneer in subliminal self help credit should be due to her innovative way of helping people.

We did not test alpahsonics new technology but we recommend each person that is interested in subliminal to do their own research and decide if a product is good or not, by testing samples.
We know that most of the websites before 2000 used lowering volume over music or nature sound, but since the technology evolved we believe that their programs have been improved too.
We find positive reviews on their own website and seems that the weight loss series subliminal works the best. So you can try too and see if their subliminal works for yourself.

Innertalk Subliminal



  •– Oldest website on the market may be a pioneer in subliminal industry Innertalk was created in Created on 1995-11-24.  Eldon Taylor is a pioneer in the self-help industry is a hypnotherapist and a radio show guest.  He wrote lots of books and he has lots of website for subliminal all over the world in all languages. Inner Talk subliminal is world known and very appreciated by many. Their Logo is InnerTalk – the only subliminal self-help technology that is patented, proven, guaranteed.  We know now that all the subliminal technologies are guaranteed, however, credit goes to Innertalk for revolutionizing and improving the lives of thousands of people across the globe. What makes Innertalk special is the fact that they have their product translated in many languages, so for people that do not understand English – is a win! We have tried in past their subliminal and we discovered that subliminal in fact was voice lower over a sound of nature, however, in last few years, Innertalk refreshed their products and now are selling subliminal with new technology. We don’t know if all the recordings were refreshed and renewed but we are certain that the majority of them are.







  • One year after Innertalk, in 1996  Kelly Howell tapped on self help industry like Eldon Taylor she started with hypnosis program, guided meditation and moved toward subliminal .
  • She has a beautiful voice, it is a well known hypnotherapist and very well regarded in self help industry There are many articles written regarding her work and how her hypnosis products have touched people.
  • I am asuming her hypnosis programs are really good as I have friends that like to listen to her calm voice and guided meditation program,




DeepTranceNow- Dr Laura



  • Created on 2001-05-08, Dr. Laura De Giorgio started her website initially as a hypnosis website than slowly moved toward subliminal. Unfortunately in 2015 Dr Laura passed away.Dr Laura is the creator of deeptrancenow, she was a wonderful person, and her voice was very beautiful and calming. She was a personality in the hypnosis industry- later she incorporated subliminal and self-help books.
    Dr Laura left a legacy behind and her daughter tries to keep her memory alive.
    After 4 years her products are still regarded as helpful by people all over the world.
    Her website still sells downloads and Cds so if you are interested you are welcome to visit and play samples.

Change your life with a different self help Subliminal offered to you by SpeedZen

Speedzen is one of the few companies that do not sell you placebo. They are committed to help you change your life. The internet is flooded with shady sellers that make promises with no support.
Speedzens is a new competitive subliminal website that sells unique subliminal, created as full hypnosis script – then recorded at a subliminal level. The music they are using is unique and relaxing. Their customer service is great a. We found speedzen to be nice people to work with. They are located in USA, and we recommend them warmly.


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Subliminal audio that will change your life without effort is a sister of but in .html format. They sell the same quality products as The website has a different layout then Some servers have problems opening php files. So visiting is same as visiting

I personally like better because of the layout and the search engine they offer to find the product you wish.

Visti and see for yourself.

This company produces genuine subliminal audio that can really affect your life in positive ways![usr 5]

Adult Series Subliminal MP3s and much more

This is a very neat website that offers a lot of self-help titles related to personal relationships and growth.

We have tested audio tracks and all I can say is that the website is neat and the product has brought success. When you buy one product, you receive 4 mp3s: same messages, but with different backgrounds. Since I have no patience to play one hour of subliminal, I play 10 minutes of bubbling water or 13 minutes silent subliminal once a day and I am done. I love and I recommend it. It is not overpriced. This website uses paypal as form of payment so there is no fear that your credit card will be intercepted by a thief.

Price: $11.96 which is way less then many merchants.

You cannot hear any words like you do with guided meditation (hypnosis).

The recording is high quality audio.

Try it Now!

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Personal Growth and Self Help

…By Listening to Subliminal MP3’s
This is a top of the line subliminal website. Programs offered are 50 minutes long with ocean waves background. Prices are very affordable and the layout of the website is very neat. You need to log in to buy a product. The good side of this is that you will always have a history of your purchase. An instant download link is also sent to you.

visit Now.

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We also just published a list with all websites that sell subliminal and the year they first were created.

See that list here: