Subliminal Websites List and Their Creation Date

Positive Subliminal
Positive Subliminal

If you have been curious about how many websites that sell subliminal are there- we put together a few of most important of them. In our research, we found out that many of them are owned by the same company.
In case you want to know when each website was created and if sometimes they work under the same umbrella company please see our list below.

It is well known by now that Google is biased and doesn’t return correct searches, for a specific industry. When doing a search for subliminal mp3s or subliminal cds google promotes their own video in YouTube, while the Google search engine has its own VIDEO section – so doesn’t need to clutter your search page.

We decided to make it easy for you to find in one place subliminal website – find when were founded, and give you an idea if they are a copy of the same website (clone) in order to drive traffic or are independent sellers. All this research took a lot of time, please understand that none of the links we post here have an affiliate link but a direct link, if you want to support our business to pay for hosting and maintaining these pieces of information please donate a little money.

So I will start with the first most important websites and their creation date:

  • Started this business in 1986 (before Internet) and went online 1996. Founder Susannah Lippman. Alphasonics sells CDs and mp3 downloads on self-improvement ; some titles also available on tape. Learning, Prosperity, Health, Career, Fitness programs have Neuro-sonic attunement, mountain stream/nature sounds, with thousands of subliminal affirmations.
  •– One of oldest website on the market may be a pioneer in subliminal industry innertalk was created in Created on 1995-11-24. Some competitors now use their trademark name in their description. Eldon Tayor is a pioneer in self-help industry is a hypnotherapist and a radio show guest to coast to coast. He wrote lots of books and he has lots of website for subliminal all over the world in all languages.
  • 1996 -One year after Innertalk, Kelly Howell tapped on self help industry like Eldon Taylor she started with hypnosis program, guided meditation and moved toward subliminal – for some reason all those hypnosis programs like to have also subliminal programs.
  •  Created on 2000-08-10 -started as hypnosis website then incorporated subliminal too. They sell mostly in Amazon and ebay.
  • Created on 2001-05-08, Dr. Laura De Giorgio started her website initially as a hypnosis website than slowly moved toward subliminal. Unfortunately in 2015 Dr Laura passed away.
  •, or Started on 2002-05-12 and operating as than change the name to in 2006-09-16. However their products were sold first time in  2002 in Sprudio was first company to offer silent subliminal and custom subliminal. Their custom subliminal prices are no match for any competitors and their product have lots of feedback and reviews. They sell self help products for self improvement, memory, personal growth, learning, success and much more.
  • Creation Date: 2002-10-02 Sell self help audio.
  • Created in January 2003 also a pioneer in subliminal industry. The website is managed and developed by: Bradley Thompson. and also it started as a hypnotherapist and owns a large array of websites which I point below:, Created on 2003-11-15
Subliminal Power software, Subliminal Studio, Lucid Dreaming Kit, Binaural-Beats collection, Be Psychic, Instant Hypnosis Downloads, Relaxation CDs,

  • created in 2004-01-06 sells subliminal mp3s and also has lots of other satellite website to direct traffic toward this website
  •  Creation Date: 2004-07-13- Located in California has subliminal programs for everyone. This is another honest company that get overlooked due to unfair competition and the clutter of subliminal websites.
  • created in 2007 is also property of, they offer freesubliminal products LOTS of them.
  • creation date 2007 sells few subliminal products and some are for adults.
  • Creation Date: 2007-07-25T Offers Subliminal software that flashes affirmations on your computer screen.
  • Creation Date: 2007-12-14
  •  Operated by a hypnotherapist was created in 2009-04-15
  • Creation Date: 2010-03-26 (location UK)
  • a new addition to subliminal industry comes on the market on 2011-08-07. Their products do not disclose the affirmations used, however they are heavily invested in advertising. Also they own to promote their business.
  • was Created on 2016-06-06 he also created in 2014 January 14- also started in hypnosis industry with, Zen12, Hypnosis Live and in 2013 decided is time to tap in subliminal industry too. (Location UK)
  • Created on 2014-02-23
  • created in 2016-06-06 they also own1. Creation Date: 2016-11-11 and 2.
  • different from was created in 2016 by
  • Creation Date: 2015-10-19 is owned by
  • I am sure that I did not found all the websites – as google scrambled their search engine, but this list will help you visit each website. Some  of them are not endorsed by us as we did not tried their product or we tried and was placebo. We do not want to start an war with anyone. You should discover which website is the best for you.
  • and are targeted by their competitors who purchased similar website name with just an “s” at the end example freesubliminals and bestsubliminals and this  is called cybersquating.
  • If you are not familiar  with cibersquating – it is an unfair practice done by a webmaster when purchasing a similar website with intention to divert visitors. Just changing one letter to a domain and then trying to attract customers in the same area of expertise it is called cybersquating, and it is punishable by law.This tells a lot about a company ethics.

If you have a website that was not listed here or want us to update your description please feel free to contact us.

We do not endorse any of those companies. We are not receiving any compensation for posted this article. This article is UNBIASED.