Have you tried or heard of Rina Diet-90 days diet

For many months now I tried to lose weight in a way or another. Yesterday I started Rina diet, which was my last resort. I need to lose 10-15 lbs and is the hardest thing that a woman around menopause can do. I tried everything, unless I starve myself to death my weight doesn’t budge.

I have ambition, I have determination, I have help still no weight loss. I ate in last two months 1200 calories religiously unless I eat under 1000 calories I can not lose weight.

I love sugar and milk I have to give up on both of them,and I found myself sad and with a slight headache. Sugar to me is like giving up coffee. So if you feel you are having a headache is just normal.

I will post my diet I am keeping and if I tell the whole world I might keep it.

So yesterday  January 23 -2018 I started my Rina diet.I will try to keep a journal and put picture every week and see how I am doing.

I am 52 years old, white woman , 5.7 tall, 168 lbs.

First day is the Protein day :

Breakfast: 1 apple, coffee no sugar or milk

Lunch: grilled beef steak, a small salad and steamed broccoli.

Dinner – One piece of grilled chicken , sauerkraut, few black olives,(salty in oil from Greece),the leftover broccoli.

I also had water all day.

I was very tired around 10pm. I also was very hungry.

Day 2- Starch day.

167 lbs

Morning an apple and coffee.

Lunch rice with a tomato sauce and a teaspoon olive oil mixed and cooked. A small salad with no oil or vinegar.

Diner: Mixed vegetable and Portobello mushroom. I cooked them on two teaspoon of olive oil, I also used spices, to make it tasty and salad of course.

Water all day.

It is very hard I still have a slight headache – sometimes I feel light headed. My tongue is very clean I am hungry but not as much as yesterday.


Day3- Carb Day


Last night I was very hungry- I should have eaten more yesterday.I woke up so early so I ate an apple at 6 am. No more headaches.

10 am I had cantaloupe.

Lunch I had a salad and 4 crackers.

For dinner I made my own pizza no cheese, no sugar only veggie as topping. The best pizza I ever ate. The Parmesan cheese was used by my husband. From my recipe I made two pizza -one for me one for my husband. Topping on mine tomatoes, bell pepper, onion, spinach, olives, cauliflower, paprika, olive oil , Rosemarie and garlic salt. The topping was cooked on a frying pan for few minutes before put on pizza. Pizza was backed for 15 minutes at 400 F. I have a bread machine so I made my own dough without sugar.

Rina diet carb day.


Pizza Dough.

1 cup warm water (1 minute in microwave)
1 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoon olive oil

put them on your brad machine. Set the setting for dough.

Add 3 cups of  flour (all purpose)

add a teaspoon of machine yeast in top of flour.

Start the machine. When the program is done, take the dough on a table, separate in two pieces.Put olive oil on pizza pan and smear evenly. Put your pizza inside and try to give the form of the pan, it might not be perfect but do it as good as possible,. Cover the dough for 15 minutes with a towel. Take a brush and smear the pizza dough with  olive oil.Put your toppings already prepared, then bake it in oven at 400 F- 15 minutes.

Day 4th Vitamin Day

weight 166.2

The weight seem to not go down or up.It is really hard to give up on foods I loved. Today I ate only cucumbers, tomatoes, mushrooms cooked and some other veggies steamed. They taste bad as salt wasn’t allowed. I also had fruits, a banana, some cantaloupe, some walnuts and a glass of cashew milk.

I drank lots of water and I took vitamins. I hope that is worth. Being in diet is like punishing yourself for something you didn’t do. How depressing….

Day 5 Protein day

Weight 166

Morning one apple. Lunch chicken and a salad. Dinner baked cod and a salad of cabbage.

I do not eat bread at all but I miss my ice cream.

Day 6 Starch Day

166 lbs

Breakfast as usual fruits. Lunch a potato salad.Today I was disappointed because my weight didn’t  go down. I wanted to give up but my husband encouraged me to continue.

I eat a potato salad, green salad, and again potatoes salad.

Day 7 – Carb Day

165.8 lbs

I had a pizza slice frozen from four days ago. I defrosted and ate it, I also had salad, and woops I ate marshmallow and two pieces of dark chocolate.

Day 8 Vitamin Day

165 lbs

I woke up surprised to see that I lost a little weight. Today I grilled some carrots, bell pepper and a portobello mushroom. To quench the hunger I had a glass of cashew milk (60 cal) and walnuts a full hand.

I will not write everyday in this journal, I will sometimes come back to give info if I lost my weight or I got lost and give up.

The worst days were first 7 days, with hunger, headache and cravings. Lets hope that I will continue my journey.