Speedzen is one of the few companies that do not sell you placebo. Like Sprudio, Innertalk and realsubliminal they are committed to help you change your life.  The internet is flooded with shady sellers that make promises with no support.
Speedzens is a new competitive subliminal website that sells unique subliminal, created as full hypnosis script – then recorded at a subliminal level. The music they are using is unique and relaxing. Their customer service is  not as great and we found out that their product needs to be improved, and is nothing special but you can give a try of you wish. They seem to spend a great deal of money on advertising and that money come from customers as their prices are higher . We found speedzen to be nice people to work with but honest they never answer our questions before we purchase a subliminal from them.  They are located in USA, and we recommend them warmly.

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

5 Comments on “Speedzen

  1. I purchased the Lucid Dreams cd from Sprudio.net…I am on hour 2 tomorrow is my last hour for the week and next M-T-W I will listen to them again until I can master Lucid dreaming. I had my first experience, my sub was trying to wake me up by reminding me about an operation I had a month ago while I was still dreaming. but I didn’t catch it! I am sure it will happen soon, great company.. great cd’s pop right out the ball park on this cd.

  2. I am looking for a subliminal message for my 12 year old grandson. He says he wants to remain calm when confronted with problems.

  3. Speedzen is dishonest!!!!! If you type the name of their competitor in search box of course they pop up first. They are dishonest – trying to stir customers toward them- if they are so great why they do that?.If you type subliminal-cds.com they pop up- their name is SPEEDEZEN not SUBLIMINAL-CDs.com, if you type subliminaleuphoriacds they pop up. If you type realsubliminal.com they pop up. I understand that REAL and Subliminal are two words but with dot com the whole website is ridiculous. Shame on you speedzen! You do not disclose the affirmations to your customers because you have no affirmations to disclose, you sell fake, you are a rip off.

  4. This company http://www.bestsubliminalcds.com/ is a property of speedzen and is bias and posts only the reviews for speedzen while neglecting their competitors reviews, if a 5 stars is received for their competitors they do not post in favor of competitor. Look how many reviews they have and how many has sprudio? Speedzen is 7 years younger than sprudio. Do you really believe that sprudio has less positive reviews and speedzen has only positive reviews?
    Also I have received lots of complaints about speedzen- I am not affiliate with any of those companies, go and complain to them not to me.

  5. I have mixed feeling about speedzen, but I have to accept that I like their sound. I also tried long time ago a video from them and I like it.