Ok this has nothing to do with subliminal but I thought might help you if you searched how to set your clock SkyScan 86742.

SkyScan 86742, setting

SkyScan 86742, setting

I had to learn to readjust my clock by trial and error. All I found in internet were a bunch of spammer. Shame on them for doing this to people.

In back of the clock are 5 buttons and a reset hole.

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To set up the clock:

To adjust your clock click : SET for three seconds let it go and then will blink the hour. To set the hour click ADJUST. When arriving at the hour desired, click SET again now the hours will be solid and the minutes will blink. If you need to go fast click adjust first while blinking and set and the minutes will adjust in bunches without making the beep noise, when you are closer with desired minute let it go, and click ADJUST until you are at the right minute. When the minutes are set click SET again. Now the year will blink, click ADJUST until arriving at desired year, if you passed the year can not go back and you need to reset the clock, by putting a needle in the reset hole or by taking the battery out clicking all the buttons (no matter how) to reset any electric juice inside and reinstalling the batteries.

Now after setting the year click again SET- set the month by clicking ADJUST and then set the day. When you done with the day click MODE.

Now you have it.

To set up alarm:

Click Mode and will change to alarm (you have an AL right side) set the alarm same as the clock by clicking set and then adjust. When the alarm is set click Mode. After clicking mode if you want to disable or enable alarm just click adjust while you are on the Alarm screen.

If you are on Alarm screen or Clock screen and push Snooze the reception will disappear so you need to touch Receive so the clock start receiving signal from out of space..

To set time zone:

Click MODE for two second and when is on Alarm display click set to move the time zone. Sometimes you might have to click snooze- receive and then set to move the time zone. This I never mastered but you might.

Now for a while the temperature will be off, but in time the clock should adjust at the right temperature.

To see temperature in Celsius of Fahrenheit click short Set button and will change and you can let it on the display.