My Journey to Losing Weight at age 55 – as a Woman.

I was super skinny until the age of 36 when I was introduced to drinking coffee, which destroyed my sleeping pattern instead of going to sleep at 10 pm I was awake up to 3 am.

After age of 36, I blossom into a woman with some meat on her bones. At that time I was also a smoker, so no appetite or desire for food.

In 2012 at the age of 47, I decided to quit smoking cold turkey and blew out like a balloon.

From 139 lbs to 178 lbs in just a few months.

I am 5.6 Ft tall,(168 cm) so I didn’t even realize that I put that weight.

However, when I was standing up from the chair or doing any chores, I would have made some grunting noises.

I started fasting, liquid diets, and lots of bike rides, all I could shed were 18 lbs.

I tried the potatoes diet didn’t work, and I was famished. I tried the Rina diet, which helped a little; I went down to 155 lbs, but from here my weight did not move anymore.

Tired and hungry all the time, I left the diets and start eating normal, occasional cakes, not much than usual.

I kept a calories journal and my calories were between 1200 and 1800, off and on with a median of 1550 calories. And still, I was gaining weight.

Also, menopause was here to stay.

The cells work like memory foam! They remember!!!

By now (2019)  I was 53 and I was once again 178 lbs.

In 2019 in September I started a new diet.

For some unknown reason before I even found about keto- I decided to give up sugar, bread, potatoes, and pasta. To be honest the only thing I missed was bread.

In the first 3 months I lost 28 lbs (final 150 lbs), and then again- I was in a stall for 6 months so at the end of 2019 I decided to stop my diet; and of course, slowly the weight was creeping again up.

I don’t understand why- I never cross 1500 calories a day.

And here come 2020. 

In April 2020 I was 161 lbs

By June 2020 I was already 171 lbs and I didn’t even eat a lot.

I decided to start the ketogenic diet again, being the only diet that cuts cravings and I can respect.

Here I am in 2021 (March) and I lost 21 lbs but for the last few months I am up and down 2 lbs – I can’t break the barrier. 151 to 153 lbs

Another Challenge Another Try: Carnivore Diet

I am now for 2 weeks in carnivore diet and still not moving the scale under 150. It happened once but suddenly went up 1.8 lbs without eating more or changing anything.

I want to go back to 139 lbs I had last time in 2009.

I am keeping a calendar and I can’t believe how this weight sticks with me, I am eating under 1200 calories, because is the only way I can lose weight, and eventually it has to give up and let me lose more weight. I do not believe that is starvation, I used to eat less when I was young and active, and my metabolism was high.

If I will go down on the weight I will post more updates. If I go up, then I will post more updates.

I am relentless. I feel amazing when I do not eat carbs. I do not feel cold, I do not get tired easily (I didn’t even before I am a very energetic person).

I like it when I do not bloat or have flatulence.

I do not have acid reflux. I have no idea if my numbers in blood test will be ok, last year when I was 167lbs, all numbers were good, but one cholesterol number was high but just barely over the limit, and I think is because of the keto.

I heard people in carnivore diet have high cholesterol, but it doesn’t scare me.

I have trouble with BM (constipated), I always had, and the only thing that helps is magnesium.

One Amazing thing.

I used to have high pressure in my eyes, and the last check was in February 2021 and the pressure went down. Don’t know if from diet or just I am healing somehow, however that pressure was high for the last 5 years in the range 3.2 and now is 2.4.

On a carnivore diet, my nose is not stuffed so much, I used to be beaten up by allergies, so far this year I am ok. My husband eyes itch and he was never allergic, but he doesn’t go in any diets.

Whatever life has in store for me I will share with you. Tell your story if you want I am ready to find out how you are doing.

Front 2021 Size 10 Lbs 150

I am camera shy I took this pictures when I could alone, I am camera shy and I have no make up.

However My hair grew a lot in 3 years.

Back picture March 14 -2021

Today March 15 I took those pictures right after shower, hair is still wet.









Now is March 29- 2021- I am 148 lbs, for one week now. I am eating only veggies and meat. I cut out the Atkins chocolate, I do crave sweets and sometimes I drink a zero coke.

My clothes fit really well. I also got vaccinated, didn’t change my appetite.

I will be back and post more weight weights in as times goes bye.

It is not easy to lose weight. I sometimes am really hungry and is not thirst. If you do not feel hungry don’t expect to lose weight. TV advertising lie, the weight loss is a hard road and a long one too.