Loving another person is a wonderful thing. And if that love is sincere, no one ends up tossed into labyrinth. You have to have more faith in yourself. “

  • Haruki Murakami.
Positive Subliminal Photo By khachik-simonian-

Positive Subliminal
Photo By khachik-simonian-

If you ask me about the most complicated human emotion, I will always say, it is love. When we are young and our eyes are all tinted with the colors of love that all the fairy tales talk about, we end up believing that love is something which is just full of happiness, promises, and poetry. 

As we grow up and learn, we find out gradually that love is not that easy. It is far more demanding and complex while at the same time it is as simple as it can get.

Confused? Well, love does that to us all. And when our heart breaks in love, we run away from it, hide and build a wall around so that we never get hurt again. But the reality is, we often seek love even when there are chances of getting hurt all over again.

Power of Mind and Universe in Motion

I have seen this same emotion and notion in many of my clients too. I am married to the love of my life and blessed enough to avoid heartbreak. But I see many of my clients who go through this journey of getting their heart broken, mending and healing it so that they can love again.

Yes, love never fails to allure you in the quest of finding it all over again, no matter how scarred you are. At times, we acknowledge our mistakes in finding the wrong person and look for a new love. At times, we are so sure that one person is just meant for us and we seek them again.

After all, this is what soulmates are made for, right? We get hurt, we leave each other just to come back all over again to the same place?

If you are reading this, my dear reader, and thinking about the love who has left you in pain, yet you want them back by your side, then you are not the only one. Trust me, dear friend, there are many. So, for people like you, I decided to shed some light on this topic, how to get your ex back with the help of our mind and law of attraction.

No, I am not going to tell you that the techniques will work out 100%. That is lame I believe. But surely, if he or she is meant for you, then you will get them back with all the steps that I am going to mention. I have seen that our mind is the most powerful weapon we have.

With the help of our mind, we win wars and rule the world. Our mind is what can create magic when it is about love. How? Let’s find out in the following points.

All of us have our own inner fears, beliefs, opinions. These inner assumptions rule and govern our lives. A suggestion has no power in and of itself. Its power arises from the fact that you accept it mentally.”

Joseph Murphy, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind



Before you actually start going on the path of bringing back your love again in life, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is to ask yourself. Yes, in your mind, you need to have complete knowledge of what do you want.

Once the wheel of your subconscious mind is in motion, there will be no turning back. The universe will start working on its own once you make up your mind. But for that, you need to come to a resolution. You have experienced life with them. You have experienced life without them too.

Now, you need to ask yourself, do you really want them back again in your life? Do you really believe that both of you, given a chance, can still bring out the best from each other again? Do you acknowledge that you are ready to forgive and forget as these two are very important in the journey of love?

Are you ready to receive what you have been hoping for as the idea of what your relationship should be like? This is probably the most crucial as well as the hardest part of all. Yes, these answers are necessary too. Once you know and you are sure about all these, you can go ahead to your next step.

Letting Go

Let go of what it used to be. You are wishing to get the person back, not the baggage and past mistakes along with them. Hence, letting go of the past is necessary. Let go of all the misunderstanding, distrust and anger.

Let go of your ego as that can be the biggest hurdle of all on the path of finding true love. Let go of all the past mistakes and wrongs. Also, let go of the fear that something similar can happen again. Forget that the spiral will again come back.

Remember, the spiral does only exist in your mind and feeds from your fear. Try and look at this renewed relationship as a new one with all the new hopes and dreams waiting for you.

As you sow in your subconscious mind, so shall you reap in your body and environment.”
Joseph Murphy, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind –


Master the Game of Imagination

Now, let your imagination do it with the help of the law of attraction. According to this most powerful law of nature, you attract what you think of. Hence, think positive always. Do away with all the uncertainty.

Don’t think about the obstacles that are on the way and stopping you from reuniting your love. Don’t ask questions like how it will happen.

Trust the ways of the universe. Just think how life will be like when the love of your life is beside you. Start your day thinking that you are waking up seeing them sleeping beside you. Feel the happiness that it brings you from your within. Imagine going to work with them sitting beside you in the car.

Drowned in too much work? Imagine how it will be like to receive a message from them, nothing special, maybe just asking whether you had your lunch or not. Imagine you are having a meaningful conversation with them just like think of the sweet nothings that you can have with them.

Think of them lying beside you in bed when you are about to drift off and feel the bliss that it makes you feel. While doing so, you might be overwhelmed with the feelings and memories rushing from the past and how it went wrong. But don’t worry. Your goal is to feel the happiness th

Bring Back Your Ex

Bring Back Your Ex
Picture by Nathan-Dumlao

at all these imaginations bring you and live in the feeling that they are real.

Let Them Come

Don’t rush. The power of the subconscious mind is not magic. It doesn’t work overnight. But eventually, it does. So, give it time. Don’t rush the process by initiating a talk with a call or message.

You might feel tempted. But refrain from dialing their number and wait. Have faith in the law of attraction and in the universe. Know that what is meant for you will be yours no matter how far they drift away. Wait for them to come to you.

Love can tear you apart. And love can make you alive. It is our choice how we are making it work for us. And when we have our mind in work, be rest assured, the universe will conspire to bring you and your love back together again. To finish, I am again quoting my favorite author and mentor,

You remain faithful to your mental attitude, your prayer will be answered.”
Joseph Murphy, The Power of Your Subconscious Mind