Dear Friends
Please help!

Positive Subliminal

Positive Subliminal

We have an urgent need for money to help two of our readers: one was robbed by hackers the second one is swimming in poverty for  over 10 years now, and has 4 kids.

Please please make a donation of anything you can afford to help these nice people to be back on their feet.
We tried to make a charity page on a different website and no one donated not even a penny.

Each dollar is very important and will help each family eat this month and pay their bills.
I was touched by their story and the fact that they will not beg, but in order to save them and not be on the street we need all of us to offer our help.
I can make up a story that will break your heart, but I can not lie to you and I do not make up stories.
Please help two families in need, spare a few dollars until they find a second job or a miracle happened.
Unscrupulous people took advantage of their honesty and niceness and now they are in debt ; the first family are in their sixties- close to retirement but not yet there. It is very hard to find a job at 60 and no one wants to employ a person that is close to retirement.
The second family is in their late forties, the husband has two jobs, a few years ago one of their sons got killed in a car accident, the mother got very depressed, lost her job, and couldn’t qualify for disability.

They have four children age 7 to 14 and live in a run-down shed.
Please if you are fortunate to have a job help those people.

Your donations will help TWO families and are not going to any charity where the charity CEO has a house of 30 million and the people entitled to charities get a penny to the dollar.
This money will help real people – poor people not people that already have everything.
Please help!
Thank you.