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SkyScan 86742 adjusting the clock

Ok this has nothing to do with subliminal but I thought might help you if you searched how to set your clock SkyScan 86742. I had to learn to readjust my clock by trial and error. All I found in… Continue Reading →

R.I.P Laura De Giorgio from

For the ones that loved Dr. Laura De Giorgio, and her hypnosis products you should know that your beloved hypnotherapist passed away last summer. At only 55 she was taken away by this cruel devil disease cancer. Dr. Laura De… Continue Reading →

Are you afraid of Death? You can overcome this fear!

Are you Afraid Of Death? We all have to face one common thing called death no matter who we are. Some people have extreme fear of death or dead bodies by nature. In scientific terms, this particular fear is referred… Continue Reading →

What To Do When You Have The Feeling of “Not Being Good Enough”

What To Do When You Have The Feeling of “Not Being Good Enough” I believe that a lot of people can’t see the difference between “reality” and their perception of reality. The former is what we experience outside our thoughts… Continue Reading →

Anger Management – Manage your Anger

Anger Management – Manage your Anger Anger is an emotion that is a part and parcel of a human life but it must be controlled because anger problems can be damaging not only for the person himself, but for the… Continue Reading →

When you should shut up and why

Today was one of those days when everything seems fine until you say something that triggers an anger’s person stupid thinking. And then the hell broke lose and you think What the Hell Just Happened? Well I am not good… Continue Reading →

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