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Sprudio.net Subliminal Audio

If you really want changes and you really want to experience real subliminal and not placebo, you go with Sprudio.net.

Sprudio is a strange name but their subliminal is real and effective. They have subliminal cds and mp3- music, ocean or silent and in top of that they are  making custom subliminal too.

One of the best sites on the web is Sprudio- they sell subliminal messages instant downloads and CD’s.
Make your own custom subliminal using your own words.

The selection is huge, quality amazing. Their products are highly effective. You can choose among three types of background and even a combination of two CD’s at a very low price. Don’t let the low prices fool you, this is the real deal- and Sprudio goes the extra mile to please.

For quality, value and price, this company should be your first choice. I have used Sprudio subliminal for 4 years now, and because of this my life has changed.

I never buy from anyone else any more. They are friendly, helpful and honest. Besides the great prices and quality, they offer free subliminal samples to try out- no other company offers so many subliminal tracks for free. Grab your subliminal NOW!

This company was before speedzen or realsubliminal, in fact those two just copied sprudio.net, took sprudio idea and made it theirs.

None of the company did anything better or revolutionary. If www.sprudio.net come with a new product his competitors take the idea and make it theirs. When sprudio.net offered custom subliminal in 2005 speedzen wasn’t even here they arrived on the market 8 years later, Now the competitors offer custom subliminal too but at a high prices. But no matter how much they try to imitate sprudio.net they can never be as effective, because sprudio doesn’t use one track and just rename it and sell it at premium price,sprudio is honest and creates each subliminal with positive affirmations which are not afraid to share, Because why would you accept to use a subliminal in which you do not know what is saying. Luckly Speedzen  or realsubliminal are not real so you have nothing to be afraid, but your pocket.