Speedzen is one of the few companies that do not sell you placebo. Like Sprudio they are commited to help you change your life.  The internet is flooded with shady sellers that make promises with no support.
Speedzens is a new competitive subliminal website that sells unique subliminal, created as full hypnosis script – then recorded at a subliminal level. The music they are using is unique and relaxing. Their customer service is  as great as sprudio customer service. We found speedzen to be nice people to work with.  They are located in USA, and we recommend them warmly.


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  1. I purchased the Lucid Dreams cd…I am on hour 2 tomorrow is my last hour for the week and next M-T-W I will listen to them again until I can master Lucid dreaming. I had my first experience, my sub was trying to wake me up by reminding me about an operation I had a month ago while I was still dreaming. but I didn’t catch it! I am sure it will happen soon, great company.. great cd’s pop right out the ball park on this cd.

  2. I am looking for a subliminal message for my 12 year old grandson. He says he wants to remain calm when confronted with problems.

  3. You all heard of Hololens from Microsoft how it uses MR (Mixed Reality) by embossing its graphic overlays over our real world view. It’s like a waking dreams of sorts. Science still has a long ways go! Our minds are so powerful using speedzen that my dreams are more active and incorporate all my waking senses then I ever experienced before. I had some very interesting entity presences happen to me after listening to the Lucid Dreaming , A native woman who told me she was WInona and she had a little boy and both were dressed in pure and dazzling white.

    They talked to me telepathically at such a high rate of speed I had to tell them to slow down. After that event, I browsed to see if there was something about that name and ethnicity of being native. Come to find out she lived in the same town I am living out about 100 or so years ago. She was some sort of activist for a great cause.

    The thing is these cd’s or MP3 that sprudio.net puts out came up with an idea of sorts by tricking the conscious bouncer of the subconscious to pay attention to something else and then used several brain entrainment audio waves and finally sending NLP message the same way the subconscious mind interprets on a day to day and night to night to night communication. I had this for a few months and feel there is a whole lot more that is going on with these subliminal cd’s then what meets the eyes here.

    There are days I will listen before going to sleep and experience nothing the next morning or even throughout the night! But that doesn’t mean it’s not working! It’s working all right! It is these times the CD’s will catch you off guard and land you in a time and place you never thought of.

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