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Inner Calm Audio

If you’re into

personal development

and looking for natural ways to improve your health and calm your mind, this website will offer them to you through music. This website also offers guided meditation. What brought me to this website was its honesty and the fact that the creator doesn’t hide behind a screen name or a website like many other businesses are doing. Especially with subliminal -you never know who is the owner of that website and how honest they are. Why secrecy? Well this website is frank, honestly the music is beautiful and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
I do not have a picture of this website but it is a very neat one, very easy to navigate and the quality of product is very good. It is highly recommended.
So what are you waiting for?
Click here to visit Inner Calm Audio.

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This is a website that comes highly recommended by many people.

If you are into hypnosis, this website sells them in an MP3 format.

www.hypnobusters.com offer hypnosis downloads, hypnosis scripts and hypnosis e-books.

These mp3s work very well with subliminal and this website offers a large variety of products.

Buy any hypnosis MP3 now and get FOUR bonus pre-selected relaxation MP3s

Prices are VERY reasonable and you will be happy you chose them!

What are you waiting for?

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Anxiety Slayer

Anxiety and Relaxation hypnosis

We all like to make sure we’re buying the best products money can buy, so here is a website with very fair prices (you won’t believe it), and a very relaxing voice. They offer samples for all of their products. This website is mostly about anxiety and relaxation. In this time and age, yes it is very important to relax. I love www.anxietyslayer.com products and I recommend them very highly.

So what are you waiting for? Click here to visit Anxiety Slayer Store.


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Speedzen is one of the few companies that do not sell you placebo. Like Sprudio they are commited to help you change your life.  The internet is flooded with shady sellers that make promises with no support.
Speedzens is a new competitive subliminal website that sells unique subliminal, created as full hypnosis script – then recorded at a subliminal level. The music they are using is unique and relaxing. Their customer service is  as great as sprudio customer service. We found speedzen to be nice people to work with.  They are located in USA, and we recommend them warmly.


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