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Improve your health with less effort

exercise-machinesHaving good health is by far the most important aspect of life but in today’s hectic time we just don’t have enough time to pay attention to ourselves and maintain proper care of our physical and mental health. There are various methods you can use to improve health and well being but sticking to one for long seems extremely difficult for most people. But why is that? It’s because we are so caught up in our day to day routines that we can’t take the time and focus on revitalizing ourselves. Most people eat without constraint, get close to no exercise, and even take part in activities that are harmful to both the body and mind.

If you truly want to regain your balance and improve health as well as well being try to use subliminal- it will help you gain a sound and healthy body by following the laws of attraction. Using the law of attraction you can attract positive energy and focus on your health in order to improve it. If you are sick of being sick then this Health and Well being Subliminal Program is exactly what you needed to recover and get back on your feet.

By listening to the powerful affirmations in this Health and Well being Subliminal Audio you will be subconsciously adapt to changes in your life that will help you focus on improving your health and well being. You will align your subconscious and conscious mind together giving you the support you need to fully commit yourself to living a healthier lifestyles which will include working out, eating less and taking better care of your diet to maintain a healthy body and mind.

Exercises sometimes can be boring. Life is stressful and time is short. Hypnosis can help you motivate but you need to spend time lying on your back and relaxing your mind and body, in order for the hypnotherapist to communicate with your subconscious mind. Who has time of that?

With the powerful affirmations in this Health and Well being subliminal message album from you will be able to remove harmful toxins form your body and improve your life. Not only will this self help tool will give you the support you need to live a healthier lifestyle but will also increase the rate at which the body heals itself as well as filling your life with health and vitality.

This program will help you attract health and become healthier not only physically or mentally but rather in all fields of life. Buy this Health and Well being Subliminal CD today and enjoy a long and healthy life.

SkyScan 86742 adjusting the clock

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Ok this has nothing to do with subliminal but I thought might help you if you searched how to set your clock SkyScan 86742.

SkyScan 86742, setting

SkyScan 86742, setting

I had to learn to readjust my clock by trial and error. All I found in internet were a bunch of spammer. Shame on them for doing this to people.

In back of the clock are 5 buttons and a reset hole.

img_20170104_124313 img_20170104_124331

To set up the clock:

To adjust your clock click : SET for three seconds let it go and then will blink the hour. To set the hour click ADJUST. When arriving at the hour desired, click SET again now the hours will be solid and the minutes will blink. If you need to go fast click adjust first while blinking and set and the minutes will adjust in bunches without making the beep noise, when you are closer with desired minute let it go, and click ADJUST until you are at the right minute. When the minutes are set click SET again. Now the year will blink, click ADJUST until arriving at desired year, if you passed the year can not go back and you need to reset the clock, by putting a needle in the reset hole or by taking the battery out clicking all the buttons (no matter how) to reset any electric juice inside and reinstalling the batteries.

Now after setting the year click again SET- set the month by clicking ADJUST and then set the day. When you done with the day click MODE.

Now you have it.

To set up alarm:

Click Mode and will change to alarm (you have an AL right side) set the alarm same as the clock by clicking set and then adjust. When the alarm is set click Mode. After clicking mode if you want to disable or enable alarm just click adjust while you are on the Alarm screen.

If you are on Alarm screen or Clock screen and push Snooze the reception will disappear so you need to touch Receive so the clock start receiving signal from out of space..

To set time zone:

Click MODE for two second and when is on Alarm display click set to move the time zone. Sometimes you might have to click snooze- receive and then set to move the time zone. This I never mastered but you might.

Now for a while the temperature will be off, but in time the clock should adjust at the right temperature.

To see temperature in Celsius of Fahrenheit click short Set button and will change and you can let it on the display.

Looking for Subliminal? Look no More!

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We received a request to post this testimonial from a customer from UK.

Who Are the Real Subliminal Producers?

The internet is filled with countless placebo and downright scam sites that will go to an lengths to turn a benefit from you. These sites will provide you with absolutely useless products claiming themselves to be the best. There are a myriad of similar subliminal sites that offer people content that is way below satisfactory while claiming themselves to be the best. The internet is filled with subliminal sites that will sell you a placebo that will absolutely have no effect as well as cost a lot of money! The only way to avoid being scammed by such sites is to only get a subliminal from only reputable sites that have been around for years.

Among these sites stands out exceptionally and is also one of the very few sites that provided people with truly effective, affordable and efficient subliminal. has been around for many years and over the years it has managed to establish itself as one of the prominent online subliminal providers that can be trusted and have great customer values.

Effectiveness and Quality

To write this review I actually bought a subliminal from and it’s safe to assume that I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. Probably the most prominent aspect to look for in a subliminal site are the affirmations they incorporate in their subliminal CD’s. had some of the largest and most simple yet elegant affirmations I have seen to date! They provide you to look at the subliminal that they are included in the Subliminal CD as well as allow you to make your own subliminal, via their custom subliminal service. I bought and used their Fear subliminal to counter my fear of heights. The audio quality was truly impeccable . After only a week of listening to the subliminal CD they provided I could visibly see the effects! In terms of effectiveness and quality is second to none!

Number Of Subliminal Choices

Another aspect that really caught my attention about was the massive amount of specialized subliminal they already had! From quitting smoking to getting over a broken heart, already has subliminal pre-made for you and the effects are assured to be certain. Each subliminal CS has affirmations unique to its purpose. No two subliminal have the same affirmations. If you are looking for a subliminal for your unique purpose chances are will already have a subliminal to suit your needs!

Pricing and Discounts

Most subliminal CD cost just as much as a normal music CD but offers truly competitive pricing that are more than worth their price! In comparison to other subliminal sites, the pricing offered by are truly stunning and coupled with their high quality and truly effective affirmations become first choice for any individual that wants a subliminal that is effective, well priced, and has high quality music. Besides offering competitive pricing they also provide great discounts that you will surely love.

Customer Care

Before my purchase from I did get in touch with them via e-mail to ask for some advice for my particular needs. Not only was I amazed how fast they replied but also how detailed and simple to understand they made buying a subliminal from them! They actively made suggestion and even gave me demo to try for myself before I made the purchase.

The Verdict

In a sea of countless subliminal sites, has managed to set itself apart from the masses. They have a track record of success and their fame is testament to their transparent business approach. Offering a myriad of impeccable quality and highly effective subliminal coupled with excellent customer support, is the first choice for any individual looking for subliminal.

R.I.P Laura De Giorgio from

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For the ones that loved Dr. Laura De Giorgio, and her hypnosis products you should know that your beloved hypnotherapist passed away last summer. At only 55 she was taken away by this cruel devil disease cancer.

Dr. Laura De Giorgio, Ph.D.

Dr. Laura De Giorgio, Ph.D.
01/09/1960 – 06/17/2015
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified NLP Master Practitioner
We want to pay our last respects to her family and friends – and hope that she will get her peace in heaven. It is unclear why people with great heart are taken away from us so early when they have so much to do.
She was a healer – but she could not beat this demon called cancer. I found about her death from our friends at in this article; Dr Laura De Giorgio from Deeptrancenow left us at 55
As a fellow therapist I had utmost respect for Dr Laura and all her accomplishments, however It saddens me that it took so many months to find out that she was gone.
If you ever used her hypnotherapy sessions from keep them as they are irreplaceable.
The daughter of Dr. Laura, admitted that she wasn’t qualified to continue her mom’s work, but she tries to keep her dreams alive as long as possible. We are sorry Sanja that you are now without your dear mom. We wish you will heal and Overcome Loss Bereavement.
Goodbye Dr Laura, Goodbye

Are you afraid of Death? You can overcome this fear!

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How to overcome fear of death?

Overcome fear of death

Afraid of Death? You can overcome this fear with subliminal

We all have to face one common thing called death no matter who we are. Some people have extreme fear of death or dead bodies by nature. In scientific terms, this particular fear is referred as Necrophobia. In fact, Necrophobia is a common fear among millions of human beings worldwide. Although many people fear death, this phobia is obviously an impractical and unreasonable one. It is a fact that no one is willing to die but having a fear of death is quite unreasonable. Simply, there is nothing we can do to overcome death and fearing on such issue is not going to help us at all.

However, as we reach our fifties, we tend to think more about our death than ever. When our bodily functions start to slow down and catch up with illnesses quite frequently, the fear starts to increase. Such fear may become a huge burden to live our normal live because;
• Necrophobia simply freezes us
• Hold us back from being innovative
• Stagnate our enthusiasm and stop us from taking even minimal risks
• Prevent us from upgrading our lives
• Limit our imagination
• And prevent us from searching for new opportunities

Technically, there are two ways to deal with fear of death and the decision is up to you to in selecting the best method.

For the first method of course, you do not need to put any effort at all. All you have to do is to be defeated by your fear of death and live a mentally “dead”, negative life until you face the real death. If that sounds good for you, you can start it right away after reading this paragraph. However, if you feel like “living the life” and defeating the fear, there is couple of options for you to try.

Self Help Meditation
One of the most effective ways to defeat the fear of death is guided meditation. There are basically two ways to get this treatment.
a. Buy some subliminal meditation audio tracks
After buying such set of audio tracks, you have to let them play and eventually will sync in to your subconscious. Subliminal audio tracks will send positive messages to your subconscious to eliminate the sources of Necrophobia systematically.

b. Get the assistance of a hypnotherapist
Once you are in good hands of a qualified hypnotherapist, getting your life back is pretty easy. These professional have specific ways (going beyond playing an audio track) to heal your mind. They will gradually change the beliefs found in your mind into positive ones. As a result of that, you will automatically chase away the fear of death and destructive dialogs roaming around you.

Usage of Subliminal Videos
Watching subliminal videos is another method of diluting the fear of death. If you really run out of time and live a busy life, watching subliminal videos will be a better option for you. These video clips generally last from 2 – 15 minutes only.

Last but not least, think practically. What are you going to do by living forever? When you exceed your nineties, most of your friends are gone. You will have to live in a fortress of solitude in that case. So, the best thing to chase your dreams despite the age and you will simply “live” the life instead warring about unstoppable death.

What To Do When You Have The Feeling of “Not Being Good Enough”

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I believe that a lot of people can’t see the difference between “reality” and their perception of reality. The former is what we experience outside our thoughts and the latter is generated by thoughts. What we feel can distort greatly how we see our subjective reality.

I’ve felt “Not good enough” regularly. Nowadays I’m aware that my feelings are way too often just bullshit that has nothing to do with reality.

It’s the simple art of being self-aware – without it I’d have probably succumbed to the thought that I am just a piece of shit. It still feels the same, but there’s the underlying knowledge that makes me keep my act together.

When it comes to the feeling “not good enough”, the ultimate problem is that you over-estimate other peoples worth and undervalue your own in the process. This is obviously a bullshit way to see the world and here are 7 ways to deal with it:

1. Discover your true worth

You are not your job. You’re not how much money you have in the bank. You’re not the car you drive. You’re not the contents of your wallet. You’re not your fucking khakis. You’re the all-singing, all-dancing crap of the world.- Tyler Durden / Chuck Palahniuk

Everyone in this world has an equal amount of worth. Don’t confuse this with “perceived worth”, which is dependant on how everyone sees everyone else.

People don’t hate or like you, but they hate/like their own image of you. It’s about them, not you (though the actions that you take are part of it)

The best thing would be to forget the whole concept of “worth”. The opinions of others shouldn’t be used as a mirror for your self-image, but for your actions. (courtesy of The 50th Law)

2. Create something that you can be proud of

Not because you want people to praise you for what you’ve made, but because it will enhance your own perception of yourself.

I’m not writing on this blog because I want others to make me feel better. I do this because it makes me proud to achieve something on a regular basis, I learn a lot when I research for my articles and if I’m lucky, I get to help someone.

In other words, it enhances my life, but not in the way that people imagine.

It’s not a coincidence that the feeling of not being good enough disappeared once I started to focus on things that I like to do for myself.

3. Change the perspective – ask the right questions

The problem isn’t that you are inadequate, but it’s your view about the situation. You have the power to change your perspective, but negative emotional state usually hinders the ability to think clearly, making it harder than it seems.

  • What can I do right now? – This is the most important question to ask and it isn’t limited to situations about this topic. Life is now, what can you do? If you can’t do anything, make peace with the moment.
  • Does this REALLY matter? / Will this matter 1 year from now? – (hint: 99.9% of the time it doesn’t) Don’t think about this only from your perspective, but from the big entirety.
  • Which thought triggered this feeling? – Don’t take your subjective reality seriously. Ask this question and realize that the thing you are feeling inadequate about is just another layer of bullshit. It was a reaction that you couldn’t do anything about – what matters now is how you deal with it.

Recognize the harmful questions or self-talk that you may have. The “why me?” question is almost legendary how self-destructive it is. Of course I used to ask it a lot.

4. Catch yourself doing it and follow these steps

One of the best lessons about being present is that you should give up wanting to feel something else that you are currently feeling. If you are feeling shit, unworthy or not good enough, the last thing that you want to do is to try to avoid it.

Instead of trying to avoid it, accepting the negative feeling and being in peace with it is infinitely more powerful.

You can’t help the fact that some situations will cause you to feel not good enough. What you can do is that you can change your conditioning towards it.

  1. Catch yourself when you are feeling it – what kind of thoughts are you having?
  2. Examine those thoughts objectively. Perhaps ask some of the questions presented before.
  3. Embrace the feeling instead of resisting it: this will cause the conditioning to change over time, because you react differently to it. The more you focus on the feeling when it arises, the less it will affect you the next time you encounter it. Never focus on the story (= the thought that brought it up).
  4. Think about what you can do to make yourself feel better about the situation. You are probably comparing yourself to someone else and if it’s so important for you, start working on it. If it’s not, stick to the process.

As far as I know, there’s no magic bullet to change your emotional state instantly. This process will slowly help because it’s about changing your current reaction-patterns to some situations. My getting rid of negative thoughts article is relevant to this process.

5. When it comes to a skill/ability, you may be right.

You probably aren’t good enough, but the slightly negative feeling prevents you to even want to try.

Your mind wants to skip the process to get good and gets discouraged to actually start the process that leads to it.

It’s retarded, but that’s how our minds are.

Stop saying you’re not good enough, start saying you’re not finished yet.- Bryan Dombrowski

Everyone has been bad at everything at some point. Michael Phelps has been a shitty swimmer and Michael Jordan couldn’t even bounce a basketball at some point. We’ll just have to ignore the fact that they’ve been like 4 years old

Instead of thinking that you are not good enough, think about taking the next step to whatever you want. Lower the standards on how good you should be right now.

You end up getting what you focus on daily. If you focus on how shitty you are, that’s how you are going to be.

6. Why do you even care?

This is such a good question to ask yourself that it deserves its own subhead. It changes your focus on something that’s more important: Not being good enough doesn’t mean shit.

Do you care because you are afraid of what other people think when you screw up because you are bad?

With everything that you do, do it with integrity and be humble. When you suck at something, it becomes shameful only when you yourself are ashamed of it.

7. Change your social dynamics or get rid of them

When you are not feeling worthy when you are around someone, you should think about the dynamics between the two of you.

I’ve turned around the dynamics between me and my (slightly dysfunctional) family. It wasn’t intentional – It just happened as I radically changed myself.

The feeling of not being good enough around them also disappeared. There are two ways that the dynamics can be a problem for you:

  1. Your mind patterns are conditioned in a way that makes you feel “not good enough”, when around people who seem to be better than you at something (This was a source of endless anxiety for me)
  2. Your relationships are toxic and that’s why you are feeling unworthy

Dynamics between people are made of these things: how they see you and how they think + how you see them and how you think. You can affect to the first one by becoming the best you, but if their thinking is screwed, no amount of self-development on your part can fix that. That’s when you’ll have to seriously consider ditching them and focus on better things.

Loose conclusion

Our feelings are bullshitting us constantly. This particular feeling is rarely about being “good”, but rather it’s just a screwed way to see yourself and the world around you.

A person whose brain doesn’t activate the neural pathway that causes the thought of inadequacy to arise is the kind of person who you want to be.


Article is taken and used from this website in which he/she gives everyone rights to use his articles.


Anger Management – Manage your Anger

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Anger is an emotion that is a part and parcel of a human life but it must be controlled because anger problems can be damaging not only for the person himself, but for the people that surround him as well. Expressing anger can be healthy and it must be let out in a productive way or at a materialistic object, rather than human beings. A person suffering from anger problems poses a real threat to the people that love him/her, both physically as well as mentally.

People with anger problems become distant from their loved ones. The reason behind this is that the surrounding people become scared of the reaction that the suffering person might show on their actions. This is why they stop communicating with the angry person and tend to keep their problems to themselves. They are scared that the suffering person might make them the outlet of his/her own anger problems and it might get messy for no reason at all. This is why they tend to avoid the person as much as they can to keep the environment calm and peaceful in the house.
There are various methods that can be regarded as anger management. A person can consult a psychiatrist or a coach to find the source of the anger and nip it in the bud. Moreover, yoga and other arts are also quite helpful in recovering from anger problems. Subliminal method involves the indulgence of a person in a subconscious state which brings inner peace for the victim. Moreover, this technique can help the person recover faster than other methods because the person can explore himself and hence, the source of his anger in his sub consciousness.
Getting anger management therapy can be really helpful for the victim and for the people surrounding him. The environment of the house can become better and peaceful. The loved ones of the person will start talking to him more openly and the communication gap will become thinner and thinner with time. The option of family therapy is also there which is vital for developing a strong bond between the victim and his surrounding people during the recovery process.

When you should shut up and why

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Today was one of those days when everything seems fine until you say something that triggers an anger’s person stupid thinking. And then the hell broke lose and you think What the Hell Just Happened?
Well I am not good at described how to deal with those individuals but you might have more luck understanding if you read the article published by a real person that doesn’t do writing for profit (or may be he does who knows). I found his articles very insightful and since I had a bad day myself I thought I should share with the entire world.
Read their article and see what you think:

How to Stop Being an A****** for Everyone’s Benefit

If you ran into an a*****e in the morning, you ran into an a*****e – you run into assholes all day, you are the asshole.” (source)
I’m saying this from my personal experience: when the whole world looks like a shitty place, it’s because of one or both of these things:
• Your own view of the world is screwed up (perhaps you are feeling like shit)
• You are looking at the wrong things
We are constantly looking at the world through how we feel: when we feel good, the whole world and anyone participating seems good.
It works in the opposite way too: depressed person doesn’t consider the world as a shitty place because it actually is so, but because he feels so.
The fact is that this world has so much good and so much bad – there’s no use in weighing which one is dominant. The more you focus on the bad side of the world the more screwed up it seems.
I’ve been preaching about the importance of having good influence in your life and this is one part of that philosophy. Seriously, get rid of people and other influences that are bringing you down.
It may feel hard if they are the only people you are hanging around with, but there’s a good chance that you may find something better. In my case, it was the best thing that I did. YMMV.


9 additional tips on how not be an a******e:



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I do not have a picture of this website but it is a very neat one, very easy to navigate and the quality of product is very good. It is highly recommended.
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